Community Giving

For many years OIL’s Charitable Contributions Committee has provided individual donations to a diverse spectrum of Bermuda charities as OIL’s corporate headquarters are located in Bermuda. This year the Committee decided to focus its annual financial gifting toward fewer charities and with larger donations in order to make a significant impact where support is seen to be needed.

We encourage our staff to be active in supporting community giving programs which include internal fund raising events, annual “day of giving” activities, mentorships and volunteering their time through service to a wide variety of Bermuda charities. The following highlights a few of our recent initiatives.


Oil Insurance & Oil Casualty Insurance donate in excess of $350,000 towards COVID-19 Relief

OIL & OCIL have responded to the need for on-going community support primarily to help struggling families. The Companies, who annually support approx. 30 charities, set up a special fund to specifically assist with Covid-19 crisis funds.  The focus of the grants were to assist Bermuda based charities who doing extraordinary work on the “social need front lines.”

Gail Miller, Vice President – HR & Admin for OIL & OCIL said, “Our senior leadership team recognized there was an additional need to support Bermuda in excess of our annual charity budget and readily agreed to a special fund to be used to provide much needed support to families during this crisis.”  Substantial donations were made to the Women’s Resource Centre, Coalition for the Protection of Children, Eliza Doolittle Society, the special KEMP PPE fund and the Bermuda Community Foundation – Emergency Fund.

In addition, the companies enhanced their staff matching policy by matching all monies donated to charity by staff on a $2 for $1 basis.”  Miss Miller went on to say, “by increasing our staff matching, this enables our Companies to specifically support charities that are important to our staff.”

Bertil Olsson, President & CEO stated, “Both OIL and OCIL have enjoyed very long associations with Bermuda.  OIL will be celebrating 50 years in Bermuda in 2022 and OCIL was formed 34 years ago.  The Companies employ 56 staff locally and insure in excess of three trillion dollars of energy assets globally. Supporting Bermuda during these very challenging times is a priority for our organization.”

OIL Staff volunteer at the Windreach Recreational Village (October 2017)

The Company once again selected Windreach Bermuda for our Community Service Day. We made a cash donation to them and also gave them the gift of “free labor”. Twenty-one volunteers from the office participated in the sensory trail and edible garden clean-up. Significant progress was made to clear the area of weeds, cane grass and Mexican pepper. It really was a “feel good” day for all who participated.

Windreach caters to people with special needs and provides a full-time staff at their facility and a stimulating environment for all to enjoy. Their facility receives approximately 120 visitors a week.

Past Initiatives

Some of our past charitable initiatives within the Bermuda community include:

  • $375,000 support to The Bermuda Hospital Charitable Trust’s ‘Why It Matters’ Campaign
  • The restoration of two historic cannons at St. George’s Town Hall
  • Annual support to the disadvantaged to attend Summer Day Camps via The Coalition for the Protection of Children
  • Annual support to The Family Centre who work with children and families
  • Annual support to the SCARS (Saving Children & Revealing Secrets) education program

…. and many other worthy initiatives.