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Technical Accreditation
Welcome to the OTA
Members, Non-Members, Brokers and select Energy Insurers now have a 24 x 7 on-line opportunity to learn the language of OIL mutuality. The OTA is comprised of 4 separate and distinct learning modules with embedded videos to support this unique learning experience along with a final exam to attain a professional accreditation (and OTA certificate). Registrants are now able to choose between a Basic or Advanced exam, a new feature in the OTA. This site will also serve as a permanent reference point enabling graduates the opportunity to access relevant OIL materials for their continued use.


Here at Marsh, we require colleagues who engage with OIL to participate in OTA training and to become OTA certified which has resulted in a marked increase in the quality of the OIL dialogue. The OTA has proven to be both an excellent learning (and training) tool and a valuable reference tool. I recommend anyone with an interest in OIL to embrace the benefits afforded by the OTA.

John Neighbour

Energy Broker

Marsh, London

Additional Resources


pdf OIL at A Glance

A Powerful New Tool To Grow your knowledge
and speak the ‘language’ of OIL.

  • Gain more confidence in speaking about OIL’s benefits and value.
  • Gain a basic working knowledge of OIL and increase your technical knowledge of the OIL system.
  • Become a more valued employee within your own organization.

Course Outline


Taking the Final Exam

The final exam is structured into a ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced’ exam. The Basic exam is required for all registrants and provides a general working knowledge of OIL. For those that work on OIL on a regular basis and want to further understand the workings of OIL and its rating model, they could sit the Advanced exam (in addition to the Basic exam). The Advanced exam includes 6 case study questions. The final exam should take one to two hours to complete.


Upon successful completion of the Basic exam, you will receive a congratulatory email. Those who pass the Advanced exam will also receive an OTA Certificate. You will continue to have access to the OTA on an ongoing basis as a reference tool and will be able to view any future amendments to the OTA in the updates section.