Community Outreach


Oil Management Services Limited (OMSL) (and its associated companies Oil Insurance Limited and Oil Casualty Insurance, Ltd.) is a major business enterprise with a significant, long-term stake in the community of Bermuda. The Companies are committed to maintaining good corporate citizen status. To this end we wish to financially assist and facilitate programs that promote a better quality of life for all Bermuda residents. In addition, we encourage our employees to be active participants in volunteer programs in the local community.


OMSL has established an annual budget which is distributed at the discretion of the Charitable Contributions Committee.

Decision-Making Process

The Committee meets three times per year, typically in April and November. We spend the majority of our budget at the first meeting of the year, so you are encouraged to submit your request prior to March 31.

Please send us a one page (not more than 2) request. If we need more information, we will send you a note.

Requests may be submitted to:  Charitable Contributions, Oil Management Services Ltd. via email to:

Key Areas of Support

Our primary areas of support are:

  • Disadvantaged families
  • Youth programs that support healthy lifestyles
  • Environment and conservation initiatives
  • Broad reaching community projects


The Committee will consider requests from Bermuda-registered charities whose programs reach a broad segment of the local community. All requests must be received in writing. Requests in excess of $10,000 require supporting financial information relative to the organization and/or specific project.

Key Community Partners

Our Charitable Contributions Committee makes approx. 40 donations annually. We are proud to support the work of a broad spectrum of charities providing much needed services within our community.


Consideration will not be made to individuals, religious organizations, political groups, schools, individual sports clubs, PTAs, travel and charitable intermediaries (for example, Lions Club).